• New generation development to improve the efficiency and reliability of existing FCC units
  • Advanced FCC process with short contact time (fuel mode) for grassroots units
  • Innovative FCC process with a high yield of light olefins (petrochemical mode)
  • Process of adsorptive-contact treating of oil residues

Proposed developments list for FCC

Development Commercial application
1 FCC technology with short contact time (fuel mode) Applied on 7 units
2 FCC technology with high yield of light olefins (petrochemical mode) Industrial testing of  the key technology elements on 2 units
3 FCC riser design Applied on 6 units
4 Proprietary riser feed nozzles Applied on 8 units
5 Proprietary riser slurry nozzles Applied on 7 units
6 Riser rough-cut cyclones Applied on 4 units
7 Riser  centrifugal inertial separator Applied on 1 unit
8 Closed cyclone system Applied on 2 units
9 Reactor disengaging zone termination system Applied on 5 units
10 Catalyst stripper design Applied on 5 units
11 Main stripping steam distributor Applied on 6 units
12 Prestripping steam distributor Applied on 6 units
13 Reactor single-stage cyclones Applied on 6 units
14 Steam distributor in the reactor separation zone (to prevent coking) Applied on 3 units
15 Regenerator  air tube distributor Applied on 6 units
16 Spent catalyst transfer  line distributor Applied on 3 units
17 Regenerator two stage cyclones Applied on 5 units
18 Regenerator fuel nozzles Applied on 3 units
19 Third stage cyclones Applied on 4 units
20 Design of regenerator standpipe with aeration system Applied on 5 units
21 Design of spent catalyst transfer line Applied on 3 units
22 Design of flue gas line Applied on 2 units
23 Design of spent catalyst withdrawal line Applied on 5 units
24 Design of third stage cyclone apparatus Applied on 2 units
25 Design of the spent catalyst collection hopper Applied on 2 units


Proposed developments list for isobutane dehydrogenation in fluidized bed

Development Commercial application
1 High efficiency cyclones with errosion resistance lining of internal surface for applying in reactor and regenerator Applied on 6 units
2 Feed and air tube distributors Applied on 2 units
3 Catalyst transfer lines with refractory lining Applied on 4 units
4 Catalyst distributor Applied on 1 unit