About company

"AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd  Company was organized by specialists of  fluid catalytic cracking and residue upgrading process Department of JSC "VNII NP"(Moscow), who until mid-2010 worked at the Company for part-time. Later all staff of the Department left the institute and focused on the work in "AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd.

The most important activity of the Company - scientific-research, engineering and consulting works in the field of FCC:

  • conducting scientific research on developing innovative technologies and apparatus design
  • development of advanced technology elements and equipment of FCC process
  • development of basic and detailed projects of revamp and modernization of existing FCC units.
  • development of basic and detailed projects for grassroots FCC units construction
  • providing technical service in the operation of FCC units
  • survey of the FCC units and audit of their equipment during turnarounds
  • supervision executing, installation and commissioning works when implementing own developments.

Distinguishing features of the Company are:

  • full cycle of works on developing new technologies and equipment assemblies of FCC units, ranging from scientific research to detailed projects;
  • development of all elements of technology and equipment assemblies of FCC reactor/regenerator section, except for special equipment – slide valves,expansion joints, spring hangers, on which detailed data sheets are made;
  • development of detailed projects of the FCCU reactor/regenerator section on "turnkey" basis;
  • careful control for working design engineering, manufacture and mounting of the equipment, made ​​on the basis of company's detailed  projects.

The Company owns state of the art equipment and methods for experimental investigation and testing of FCC catalysts:

  • micro-pilot catalytic cracking  unit
  • method for determining the activity of cracking catalyst, similar to the ASTM MAT test
  • method and database to determine the reactivity of different types of FCC feed
  • device for determining the cracking catalyst particle size distribution
  • methods of determining the bulk density and specific pore volume of cracking catalyst and others

The company has a package of computer software for  technology calculations and simulation of FCC process, including own designed, a certified program for calculating the stress analysis of vessels and equipment, as well as advanced software products and engineering CAD systems.

Specialists of "AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd are leading experts in the field of FCC in Russia and have the unique experience of work on upgrading of commercial units. Based on the basic and detailed projects, developed by the specialists of the Company, were done:

  • revamp of the reactor/regenerator section on G-43-107M/1 FCCU at "Ufa Oil Refinery" and " LINIK" (Lisichansk), GK-3 FCCU at "Angarsk Refinery", 1A/1M FCCU at "Ufaneftekhim", FCCU at the "Ryazan Refinery" built under ABB LG license;
  • revamp of the reactor on KT-1 FCCU at "Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant" and FCCU at "TAIF-NK Refinery";
  • modernization of large equipment assemblies on  1A/1M FCCU at "Slavneft-Yanos Refinery".

Over the last seventeen years in the enterprises of the industry were applied more than 120 developments of Company specialists.

All rights on technology and equipment of FCC process  developed by "AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd specialists, belong to them, based on patents of Russian Federation  2068733, 2078115,  2115460,  2410412,  2412231.

"AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd - member of SRO "NEFTEGASSERVIS", is certified to carry out activities on designing high-risk and unique objects.

In "AVTOTECHPROEKT" Ltd  there are several doctors of science, laureate of the Russian government award in science and technology. The average term of service of Company specialists in the field of FCC process - 27 years.